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I am deeply honoured to have you here, and trust that our rich experience of over 15 years in this sector will offer you impeccable support.

As a Chartered Advisor and Immigration Consultant with a passion for bridging borders, I've proudly helped countless individuals, families and businesses navigate the complexities of international immigration. VIP Visa has grown globally due to our unwavering commitment to reliability, trust, and excellence.

I invite you to explore our offerings and utilize our expertise to make your international travel or relocation journey smoother. Rest assured, at VIP Visa, we're dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience.

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in this endeavour.


Meghdad Mostafaei, Founder

Chartered Advisor, FCIM & MBA


Fly Like a Bird

Welcome to a world where geographical boundaries no longer limit your agency's location. In today's digital age, face-to-face meetings are no longer prerequisites for initiating business. However, it remains essential to ensure rigorous due diligence when selecting who you wish to entrust with your needs.

VIP VISA is an established industry leader with an impressive track record of 15 successful years in the Visa and Immigration services. Having built an impressive portfolio of services, VIP VISA is adept at facilitating seamless international travel and creating opportunities for global citizenship. At VIP VISA, our mission extends beyond just being a visa processing company; we are in the business of connecting lives and dreams, helping people cross borders and embrace new experiences. From our headquarters in London to our satellite offices around the world, we continue to deliver on this mission.

We understand the importance of seeking reliable help and services when it comes to immigration and citizenship, which is why our team of dedicated multi-lingual consultants and solicitors take every effort to listen to clients’ predicaments so that we can help you to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

VIP VISA offers exceptional immigration expertise at all levels, focusing on delivering unparalleled immigration consultation, legal advice, and assistance. Serving clients across 100+ countries worldwide, we provide personalized solutions that align perfectly with your unique requirements.

Our clientele is as diverse as it is prestigious, ranging from Forbes-listed billionaires, distinguished businesspeople, politicians, entrepreneurs, executives, to individuals without a nationality, and families working hard to secure their future. To us, every client is distinct, and every case receives the highest level of respect and dedication.

Our solid reputation with governments and the experience amassed from processing an extensive volume of cases over the years allows us to promise the highest success rates. Annually, we successfully aid hundreds of individuals and families in acquiring second citizenship by investment, underpinning our commitment to a long-lasting and valuable client-advisor relationship.

We don't stop at providing citizenship; we extend our services to include exclusive support for our clients, such as lost passport replacement, passport renewal, citizenship applications for spouses and newborns, driving license procurement, and national ID card arrangements.

VIP VISA has always been synonymous with comprehensive visa and immigration services. Through, www.vipvisa.net, customers can effortlessly apply for visas to over 107 countries and access more than 500 types of visas. Leading the charge in offering services for acquiring a second nationality, we offer citizenship and second passports for 40 countries worldwide. At VIP VISA, we open doors to global travel and lifestyle opportunities.


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VIP VISA Through History

The Visa & Immigration Advisory Services

The most eminent visa, Immigration and Citizenship consultant service provider.




Feb 2022


Opened new office in Amsterdam






Mar 2021


Opened new office in Istanbul






Sep 2019


Opened new office in Toronto






May 2019


Opened new office in Dubai






Nov 2011


After nearly two years, Vip Visa launched its first online platform.






Oct 2009


The company has been founded in London.




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